Medical Situations and Ailments That May possibly Cause Urine Discoloration

A healthy man or woman normally excretes urine of obvious or a bit yellow color. At moments, one particular might recognize a discoloration in his or her urine. Often, the discoloration might be owing to the meals that one consumes. Eating beets, for instance, can cause urine to be a reddish colour. Taking in extra quantities of asparagus, on the other hand, can lead to it to turn an strange shade of green.

There are occasions, even so, when urine discoloration is actually a warning signal for certain health care conditions or conditions. Listed here are some of these circumstances and diseases:

Familial hyperalcemia:

Familial hyperalcemia is a uncommon genetic health-related situation that causes irregularly large levels of calcium. This condition is typically named blue diaper syndrome because young kids with this situation are likely to create blue-coloured urine.

Liver disorders:

Many liver issues can trigger one’s urine to be brown or tea-colored. Common illustrations of these ailments are cirrhosis and acute viral hepatitis.

Acute glomerulonephritis:

Acute glomerulonephritis is a kidney ailment that hinders the kidney from getting rid of extra waste and fluids from the entire body. This ailment can cause urine to turn brown in coloration.

Urinary tract infection:

Kidney stones and urinary tract infections can quite often cause one’s urine to look murky or cloudy.

Wilms tumor:

Wilms tumor is a tumor of the stomach typical between youngsters. It is the most frequent kidney tumor. One symptom of Wilms tumor is blood in the urine, which leads to it to be a reddish color.


Jaundice is a liver problem that is triggered by an obstruction in the bile duct, which causes the accumulation of bilirubin in the body. The most frequent symptom of Jaundice is yellowish pores and skin. The whites of one’s eyes also flip a shade of yellow. A man or woman with Jaundice might also recognize his or her urine currently being a darkish yellow or brown coloration.

Direct or mercury poisoning:

Long-term guide or mercury poisoning can potentially cause urine to be pink. This is because of to the high levels of porphyrins getting excreted.

It is critical to remember that your urine coloration might be used to decide the recent point out of your wellness. Discolored urine is a symptom of many health-related problems and ailments. If you discover that your urine is an uncommon color and have not been consuming foodstuff or drinks that would cause the discoloration, you must check with your physician immediately.

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