Discussion on local southern california NBC affiliate TV station about various diets and their health issues.
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There is a lot to know about the most popular diets and whether or not they work. Popular Diets provides candid reviews of the top diets. Our “Skinny Ratings” help you quickly understand what…

PepsiCo Ends Quarter Filled With Strong Product Launches And Continued

Craft sodas are obviously gaining in popularity. … The negative sentiment surrounding artificial sweeteners, heavily used in diet soft drinks, still looms heavily in the category as evidenced by the continued outsized volume declines of these products.
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Cancer specialist warns of potentially fatal dangers of 'miracle cure' fad diets

Hers is just one in a plethora of online forums promoting weird and wonderful diets claiming to transform your life. Thousands of Australians are adopting new food regimes based on everything from the paleo diet to the anti-sugar approach. Then there …
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