Asthma – Prognosis

Long-term inflammatory condition of the airways. In the presence of susceptibility is an inflammation leads to recurrent episodes of coughing, wheezing, a experience of chest tightness, breathing is hard. Irritation makes the respiratory tract delicate to allergens, chemical irritants, tobacco smoke, cold air or workout. When their outcomes edema and spasm of the airways, they created in improved amount of mucus, and they become hypersensitive to external stimuli. The resultant airflow limitation is reversible (but some clients do not totally) equally spontaneously and underneath the affect of remedy. If carried out an adequate treatment method of bronchial asthma, swelling may possibly be decreased for a long time, and the frequency of occurrence of illness signs and symptoms become small: disappear and the accompanying problems linked with asthma.
Bronchial bronchial asthma is characterized by enhanced bronchial sensitivity to various allergens, and nonspecific irritants. According to modern day classification distinguish a few principal types of illness: infectious-allergic (atopic), an infectious-allergic and combined. In accordance to the severity of the distinguished delicate, average and serious bronchial bronchial asthma.
The disease generally occurs in the classical kind: in the form of attacks of breathlessness, alternating with periods of remission. It is typically achievable to distinguish 4 intervals: predpristupny, seizures, and interictal postpristupny. In serious asthma happen not only individual assaults, but the asthmatic condition. In some instances, asthma occurs in the type of asthmatic bronchitis.
The predominant kind of bronchial bronchial asthma in children is atopic with participation in the pathogenesis of allergic response I, instant kind, which proceeds with the synthesis reaginovyh antibodies. Of cause considerable allergens initial location belongs to the property dust mite vysokoallergenny consisting of the genus Dermatophagoides (fifty%), next – the pollen of crops (about thirty% of cases). In 35% of sufferers with condition causing house dust and pollen in 20-forty% of the atopic form of bronchial asthma accompanied by foodstuff allergy, specially among kids in the course of the first years of lifestyle. Over the earlier handful of several years has enhanced the number of instances of allergy to the epidermal allergens.
In addition to the influence of considerable non-infectious result in of allergens provokes great importance in the improvement of bronchial asthma assaults are acute respiratory viral bacterial infections. It is identified that viral infections tremendously enhance the sensitivity of the bronchi to allergens and other stimuli, raises the permeability barrier disrupts the mucociliary apparatus of the bronchi. In situations of accession to the viral an infection of bacterial inflammation of the bronchi even more robust and requires on the character of the combined (allergic and infectious). Bronchial asthma are usually instigated and nonspecific results this sort of as meteorological elements, air air pollution, exercise, psychological stress, a sharp odor.
The medical photograph
Bronchial asthma often develops at night time or early morning hours. Transpiring in the daytime attacks are caused by publicity to various allergens and irritants. Attack of bronchial asthma commences with a unpleasant cough with hard expectoration outgoing appear expiratory wheezing with breathing in the auxiliary muscle tissue distant wheezing. In the lungs from the two sides listened variegated range of dry and moist rales, largely on the exhale. There is tachycardia, enhanced blood stress.
Bronchial asthma – Prognosis
To set up the kind of the illness and the etiologic analysis calls for selection of allergy background, staged in the interictal period, taking into account information from health-related heritage of pores and skin checks with allergens, the use of allergy laboratory scientific studies, provocative exams.
Bronchial asthma – Treatment
Treatment relies upon on the period of the illness. During the attack as swiftly as it ought to be reduce short by bronhospazmoliticheskih funds belonging to numerous teams. The most frequently utilized stimulants of adrenergic receptors in typical (adrenaline, ephedrine) and selective (berotek, salbutamol) steps, as properly as methylxanthines: aminophylline, theophylline. At the exact same time appointed mucolytic tools, therapeutic massage, breathing workouts. With active infection antibiotics are chosen according to individual tolerance (ideally not penicillin), the shortest training course.
In the interictal period of time of bronchial asthma brought on by allergy symptoms to residence dust and pollen, in the place of work or clinic allergy performed distinct immunotherapy (hyposensitization), which presents result in 75-80% of circumstances, prior to its need to have to sanitize the long-term foci of infection (specially in nasopharynx). Particular hyposensitization is incompatible with preventive vaccines and other antigenic consequences. Incredibly crucial long lasting profession remedy, actual physical remedy, great nutrition, remedy of the day with a greatest stay outdoors.
The client must be a way of life hypoallergenic, lively bodily therapy, a delicate food with the exception of allergenic foods, the highest limit of hazardous non-distinct stimuli of the environment (smoke, powerful odor), and negative emotional influence.

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