Diabetic issues in TCM


Handle Treatment Brings about Difficulties &amp A number of Program Organ Failure of Diabetic Individuals

Three roles of blood sugar plays in human entire body


Sugar is the fuel of the perform of human physique, deficiency blood sugar will cause hypofunction of human physique, if severely will result in the operate failure of human human body, no sugar will lead to demise.


Sugar is the adhesive of human entire body, human will endure from Fundus Hemorrhage, Gum Bleeding, Hematochezia, Angiosclerosis and Viscera Sclerosis when he lacks sugar. Significant missing of sugar might cause itchy skin, pores and skin most cancers and skin wounds which are extremely difficult to recover. As a result, Patients with diabetic issues are easy to suffer from these kinds of complications as haemorrhage, decay and osteoporosis which are induced by slowly decrease of body sugar by using chemical compounds and diet regime manage.


Sugar can clear dampness of human body and end h2o metabolic process jointly with salt in the human body. Diuresis is the principal purpose of sugar, original phase of diabetic issues individuals have abundant sugar in their entire body, so they typically undergo from recurrent urination and urorrhagia, but with the aggravation of the course of diabetes, symptom like dropsy and trouble in urination will also look.

Wang holds that problems and death of diabetes are induced by management remedy. Management diet regime and chopping the resource of human physique sugar just like faucet which is leaking, they only shut off the h2o provide as an alternative of fixing the faucet, the operate of giving water will be out of operate despite the fact that it would seem that the faucet is not leaking any more, but conduit will rust as time passes and the h2o amenities will be set aside as ineffective in the conclude. Having Sulfonylureas, this kind of as Glibenclamide, Glipizide, Gliclazide, D860, Glibornuride and Gliquidone can decrease the temperature of Qi, decrease blood glucose stages quickly, but as time passes it will make the perform of coronary heart, lung and liver to decline. Having biguanides such as Metformin, metformin hydrochloride, and diaformin can minimize the temperature of blood, and restrain the absorption of Glucose briefly, it seems that the indexes are good for the time currently being, but it will make the operate of spleen and abdomen decline. Injection of Insulin may impact the purpose of heart and kidney and manage the blood sugar, but long-phrase injection of Insulin could direct to the failure of the operate of coronary heart and kidney.


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