The Diabetes Treatment

 Glucose which is held in constant regulation by hormones in the body helps generate energy for the performance of various physical activities. Apart from other hormones insulin secreted by the pancreas helps to keep glucose in check. Level of blood sugar or glucose beyond the normal range of (70- 140mg/dl) leads to diabetes or Hyperglycemia.


Diabetes treatment aims at keeping the blood glucose level within the normal range by insulin administration or employing medication that helps in glucose reduction. Insulin is provided by injections or by means of drug injector. Diet, exercise, less intake of alcohol, soft drinks and beverages also the parts of diabetes treatment. Diet should not only be balanced but should be so timed that it ensures the control of insulin, which in turn controls the level of sugar. Junk food and food high in Carbohydrate content such as white bread and potato should be avoided. On the other hand food high in fiber content such as green leafy vegetable, bean and peas sprout help in the treatment of Diabetes. The aforementioned food helps in preventing and delaying sugar absorption.


Reduction of body weight thereby adapting the body’s sensitivity to insulin also prevents the spike in the sugar level. Regular workouts and exercises are highly important in this regard. In some cases of diabetes oral medicines are also used. DPP-4 inhibitor which comes in various names is the usual oral medicine used for controlling Diabetes.


 Certain naturopathic measures have also gained in immense popularity as part of the diabetes treatment. It involves the use of herbs and plant extracts as curative means. The best one is the use of bitter gourd. Bitter gourd juice directly contributes to the reduction of the sugar level. Even the intake of fried bitter-gourd serves a similar purpose. A powdered mixture of turmeric, fenugreek and white pepper also aid the reduction of blood sugar. Soaking fenugreek overnight in water followed by drinking the water after removing the soaked seeds is also a part of the naturopathic treatment.


Patients undergoing diabetes treatment should be aware of Hypoglycemia which results from excessive control of blood sugar, either by excessive dosage of insulin or medicine prescribed. Strenuous exercises may also lead to the same conditions which may result in sudden collapse death. It is important to take in chocolate or some kind of sugar when such conditions manifest. Self medication should never be resorted to in its treatment.

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