Relief for Hemorrhoids

Depending on the type of hemorrhoids you got, you could feel a little discomfort or debilitating pain. There can be severe itching and discomfort in every move you make. When you defecate, you may experience some spotting. Finding hemorrhoid relief may be all you can focus on when you have had a painful or irritating flare up that just will not go away.

For rapid relief of painful, and perhaps bleeding, hemorrhoids is to soak in a warm bath. The infected area will easily be relieved of the  pain. An alternative to a warm bath that is proven to help ease the painful irritation and itching hemorrhoids is called a sitz bath. This requires a special seat that is placed over the toilet seat. After adding some warm water in the seat, soak your hips and bottom in the warm water. The pain and itching will be relieved in a few minutes. It is best to immerse the area for up to 20 minutes. You may want to do it two to three times a day. The most beneficial time to take a sitz bath is right after you have had a bowel movement.

Your clothes can also give you comfort if you select them properly. When pain and itchiness attack, you should avoid wearing tight clothes. Loose, cotton clothing is best especially when your hemorrhoids are acting up as the material will not touch the affected area so much.

When you are having hemorrhoid flare ups you may want to pay more interest to products you are using that may come into contact with your hemorrhoids. Many times scented or dyed toilet paper may make the condition worse without you even realizing it is to blame. Relief can sometimes be achieved by just changing to scent-free and dye-free tissue paper. If the hemorrhoids are painful and inflamed, it is better to just blot the tissue paper on the affected area rather than wiping it up.

For pharmaceutical treatments, visit the nearest pharmacy in your neighborhood. Some medicated creams available have corticosteroid that has the ability to reduce the swelling of the tissues and alleviate pain. Those creams that contain lidocaine can also inhibit pain. Use the creams according to direction. A number of creams are needed to be applied a couple of times a day. Be careful|Take notice] when applying the cream on open wounds as some creams are not good for those types.

For a cooling feeling that can instantly alleviate itch, you can try witch hazel. This all-natural astringent can easily be applied to cotton swabs or cotton balls and dabbed on the area. Since this is a natural cure, there is no limit to the number of times you can utilize it.

When sitting, choose a chair with soft cushions so as to avoid putting pressure and scratching the affected part. Standing or sitting for prolonged periods can worsen your condition because of the tension received by your lower body. If you take care of yourself properly and heed the symptoms of hemorrhoids, you are sure to find the right method to cure your ailment.

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